23 Million Pounds of Radioactive Water Dumped Into the Pacific

TEPCO continues to play the fool with their own citizens and Americans. We are now hearing reports that Japan and TEPCO plan on releasing 23,000,000 million pounds of radioactive waste into the Pacific Ocean. Maybe it sounds better when they stated 11,500 tons, but unfortunately many of us remember elementary calculations. If our math is done correctly that’s 2.75 million gallons of this cancer ridden sewage that will be tainting a large portion of the Pacific over time.

Watching ocean current models, you’ll see that quite a bit of debris from the tsunami should reach the west coast of the U.S. within 18-24 months. Of course most of the debris will be broken down into smaller particles, but it’s on the way, nonetheless. So that means any radioactive waste with a half life longer than 2 years has a  chance of arriving on the West and affecting a good portion of our food supply over time. The only particles we aren’t talking about here are Iodine 131 and Xenon 133. Plutonium, Cesium, Uranium, along with others, have a chance of infecting our food chain.

So here comes the scary part. We are now certain that Plutonium has been found in sizable quantities around the Fukushima Dai-ichi reactors. Plutonium almost guarantees eminent death once ingested. It’s not clear how much Plutonium will make it into the ocean, but it’s safe to say that it will cause devastation in around the Fukushima area and will most likely be a huge impact on over 13 million people in Tokyo. With the ocean being poisoned by TEPCO, you’d have to wonder how much they’ve already released from an uncontrolled standpoint.

This is another sad story and one that won’t have a happy ending. Unfortunately this story will continue to unfold for decades to come and this disaster will go down in history as one of the biggest catastrophes of all time.

Below are two separate images showing how the ocean currents flow from west to east:




Greenpeace and the Fukushima Death Trap

In the United States we are simply trying to find proof of radionuclide with air and water samples. Now imagine you are living your life without contact from the outside world and the amount of radiation around you could be devastating to your health within a days or even hours. Greenpeace has taken a hands on approach with little protection to their own bodies to show how high the current radiation numbers are outside the evacuation zone in Fukushima. This is a startling video and one that shows how the Japanese government is ignoring their own people. Let’s just hope that the United States doesn’t follow a similar pattern.

What to Believe and the U.S. Implications of Fukushima

By now you’ve probably heard such a vast amount of information in regards to Fukushima that your mind is on overload. If you are like me you are probably sick of paying attention to the media, hoping that you wake up and the dream is over. Unfortunately this isn’t a dream and the reality is becoming clearer by the day. The media talks about 1,000 times this and 3,000 times that, but what you need to know is the radiation leaking into the air and the ocean from Fukushima’s Daiichi reactors are beyond imaginable levels.

I’ve got two little kids, ages 1 and 3 and I live at the eye of the jet stream on the west coast of the United States. It’s extremely disheartening that the EPA and FDA, along other health agencies have failed to give us the information needed to equip ourselves in the event of increased radiation on U.S. soil. Unfortunately I know first hand that the FDA is much more concerned about protecting America’s interests rather than American’s interest. The health of every single American is much more important than the financial health and stability of this country. Maybe our government sees that differently, but I would prefer to know the situation rather than having to search high and low from the internet to discover the truth behind this massive nuclear meltdown.

To put this whole thing into perspective Chernobyl had one reactor problem that has caused hundreds of thousands, if not millions of health problems, deformities, childhood cancers, suffering and deaths across Russia, Europe and beyond. Unfortunately the human body is so complex, it’s hard for any of the issues to be proven, so many governments continue to shy away from the obvious. Just reading this blog is step in the right direction to understanding this crisis and it’s my goal to get as much relevant information as possible, while sifting through information I believe can be disregarded.

It’s now been three weeks since this crisis started and a few scientists and nuclear physicists have stepped up and vocalized where they believe this crisis is headed. I am keeping a close eye on one particular blog by Arnold Gundersen. Arnie or Arnold has 40 years of nuclear power engineering experience. Arnie has managed and coordinated projects on 70 nuclear facilities here in the United States. He is extremely knowledgeable and his background speaks for itself. Arnie has been putting out videos every day or two with an update. Here is an update today, March 31st:

If you have a chance to check around on Arnie’s site you’ll see some additional videos and information at http://www.fairewinds.com. His site is very informative. I have been following this site for a couple of weeks now and also finding some very helpful information on the UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering site, which has daily result logs of testing information. They are testing air samples as well as doing other miscellaneous samples around the Berkeley area and beyond: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/UCBAirSampling. This site also have a question and answer forum which I have found very helpful. There seems to be a ton of education here and some very helpful insight: http://www.nuc.berkeley.edu/forum/218.

Information is slowly but surely making it to the mainstream media, but I still tend to believe that many issues are blacked out for a reason. Obama has remained nearly speechless, minus a few excerpts of his praise for nuclear power. Here we have a potential, long-term catastrophic issue in America and our President doesn’t seem to be concerned. That’s concerning in itself. Another alarming problem is the EPA’s steps to increase the levels of radiation allowable by human consumption. These levels are enough to make a grown man cry.

I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, which is why I feel so misinformed when scouring the internet for information. If there’s a massive problem on the horizon or at least one that’s thought to be, wouldn’t the United States make it a point to have all information transparent to the citizens of this country? Maybe not.

I will continue to monitor things for myself and will do my best to actually run tests myself or get in contact with others around the west coast that have viable information that may not make it to the mainstream media. Feel free to ask questions or comment. Although I am not an expert, I am very well versed in many aspects of types of isotopes that I believe are currently contaminating the United States, including Iodine 131 and Cesium 137.. If I can’t answer your questions I will look for ways to get your questions answered through various chats and forums that I am currently monitoring.

If your plan is to find ways to minimize the risks of radiation you will have to make some sacrifices and changes over the next few months that may last months or even years to come. Many of the things we eat and drink will be comprised in the coming months, so you will need to have an outside the box strategy when planning to avoid foods that will be at risk.


I wanted to set up a list of website that I personally use to put my information together on Japan and Fukushima. I will update this page periodically.

Here are maps I use for plume predictions:




Nuclear Engineering Universities monitoring events:


(Below was a symposium at NC State on March 23rd) Very good information:



Other blogs and forums involved in reporting:





EPA Reporting with CPM Counters nationwide – Which is conveniently down quite often, but has shown high CPM counts throughout the U.S.:



Here is a documentary on Chernobyl (Warning graphic and extremely sad):